Romina Scagliarini
Otto-Hausmann-Ring 112
42115 Wuppertal

Bachelor (B.Sc.) graduate in Game Design, specialized in game art.


Like many others who want to start their career in the games industry I have been playing videogames since my childhood.
For a couple of years now I'm also interested in the making of games. I love to play and to immerse myself into those szenarios but at the same time I like to study how they work, how they are built and designed.

Through studying artbooks I discovered that it's a long way from the first concept to the finished product.
Creating believable worlds, characters and creatures soon became one of my biggest passions which I wanted to improve after making the grade.

Through studying Game Design at the MDH university in Düsseldorf I wanted to get closer to my goal to become an artist in the games industry while focussing my studies on game graphics (including 2D and 3D art). During my six-month internship as a 2D artist and illustrator at Bright Future I also got the opportunity to get an inside look on how developer teams work together to create games. I've gained much of experience in working after an already existing concept and being flexible in matching my own art style. 

At home I'm working most of the time with Autodesk MayaPhotoshop and Zbrush. Within the course of my study I could furthermore acquire a good knowledge of animation and the using of the Adobe Creative Suite (Indesign, Illustrator, After Effects).

I finished my Bachelor degree (1.2) with Distinction on 31th March 2016.


Any questions or requests? Feel free to contact me via


  • Internship
    Unikat (advertising agency)
    Wuppertal, Germany
  • supporting World Designer
  • 2D-/3D-Artist
    Black Dot
    Student Game Projekt "Echoes"
    Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Internship (2D-Artist/Illustrator)
    Bright Future GmbH
    Project Miramagia
    Cologne, Germany



  • Abitur
    2001 – 2010 Wuppertal, Germany
  • Game Design (B.Sc.)
    Mediadesign Hochschule Dusseldorf
    2012 - 2016 Düsseldorf, Germany



  • Illustration • Character Design • Creature Design • Concept Art • 2D and 3D Ingame Content • Texturing • Lowpoly Modeling



  • Photoshop • Clip Studio Paint • Paint Tool Sai • Flash • After Effects • Indesign • Zbrush • Maya • xNormal • Unity






drawing • video games • cosplay • cooking

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